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The Digital Business Network Alliance (DBNA) provides a framework and platform for electronic invoicing, playing a crucial role in facilitating e-commerce and digital transactions in the United States. About DBNAlliance

The DBNA is the legal entity overseeing the Exchange Framework, known as the “exchange superhighway” in the virtual realm.

Businesses generate electronic invoices using specialized software like PeppolSoft, ensuring compliance with U.S. billing standards.

The Exchange Framework, or the “exchange superhighway,” is based on a set of open, non-proprietary technical standards and policies, enabling businesses to securely discover and deliver data across this advanced virtual network.

This “exchange superhighway” ensures high security with advanced settings and capabilities, securing the exchange of electronic documents.

To enable the secure exchange of electronic invoices, there are Access Point providers, who are legal entities recognized by the Digital Business Network Alliance (DBNA) and are the only ones certified and approved to facilitate the exchange of documents among participants of this exclusive virtual network.

The network and the true eInvoice

Security Standards

The Exchange Framework implements rigorous security standards to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of data transmitted over the network. This includes data encryption and authentication of the parties involved in transactions.

Participant Authentication

Organizations must undergo a verification and authentication process to ensure that only legitimate parties have access to the Exchange Framework.


Exchange Framework is based on interoperability standards, which means that organizations using different software systems can effectively communicate with each other through the network. This facilitates collaboration between businesses and streamlines the exchange of business documents.

Resilience and Redundancy

The Exchange Framework is designed to be robust and resilient, meaning it continues to function even in the event of technic

Global Access

The Exchange Framework will be able to expand internationally, allowing organizations to access a broad community of users and business partners in different regions.

Facilitates Digitization

The Exchange Framework promotes the digitization of business processes by enabling the electronic exchange of documents, such as invoices and orders, quickly and efficiently, reducing the reliance on paper documents.

Contribution to Sustainability

Automation in the electronic invoicing process minimizes the possibility of human errors in data entry, helping to prevent issues such as discrepancies in amounts or incorrect information on invoices.

Other benefits

Efficiency and Time Savings

Electronic invoicing significantly reduces the time required to generate, send, and process invoices compared to manual paper-based invoicing processes. This can lead to greater operational efficiency and cost savings.

Error Reduction

Automation in the electronic invoicing process minimizes the possibility of human errors in data entry, helping to prevent issues such as discrepancies in amounts or incorrect information on invoices.

Increased Visibility

Electronic invoicing provides a higher level of visibility into the status of invoices, allowing businesses to track sent and received invoices in real-time. This facilitates accounts receivable(AR) and accounts payable (AP) management.

Cost Reduction

By eliminating the need to print, mail, and archive paper invoices, businesses can significantly reduce the costs associated with traditional invoicing. It also saves on physical storage expenses.

Facilitates Collaboration and Communication

The PeppolSoft platform enables more efficient communication between businesses and public administrations, making collaboration and secure information exchange easier.

Access to International Markets

PeppolSoft use a global network for electronic invoicing used in multiple countries, making it easier for businesses to expand internationally by simplifying invoicing and interoperability with business partners in different regions.

Environmental Sustainability

Electronic invoicing with PeppolSoft contributes to reducing paper usage and the carbon footprint associated with paper-based invoicing, making it a more environmentally sustainable option.

NETWORK Exchange Superhighway

It is a secure electronic communication infrastructure designed to facilitate the exchange of business documents, in particular electronic invoices, efficiently and securely between companies and public organizations.

We are an Access Point

We want you to connect to the super highway of electronic invoice!

To use the network you need an Access Point provider who will be responsible for receiving and delivering your invoices on the network.

Send manually with PeppolSoft

Register on the platform and start exchanging invoices from your circle of clients and suppliers. Make your own network by inviting people to use the platform.

Connect your ERP to PeppolSoft

Now you need to issue or receive electronic invoices, for this you require a specialized PeppolSoft solution to automatically convert large amounts of information from your ERP

Get to know our web platform

Make your work easier with PeppolSoft


Convenient multi-user use for your business

A powerful website that allows multiple users to be granted permissions and roles to access the underlying e-invoicing resources simultaneously.

Convenient multi-user use to make your business more efficient and more organized.

Adapts to the desired language

Ease of setting the language of each person throughout the interface, accommodating the customs of each country.


Interoperability ensures that various IT systems can effectively communicate and collaborate within international standards, enhancing electronic commerce in the United States and facilitating international trade exchanges across diverse technological platforms.

Security in the exchange

The Exchange Framework is highly secure, leveraging enhance security settings and capabilities ensuring electronic documents are exchange safely and securely.

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Compare plans to fit your e-invoicing operation


Free Reception
$ 0 Free cost
  • The network member can
    receive invoices
  • Storage Price Monthly: $0.00 USD
  • 500 Invoices
  • 5GB space


Basic Reception
$ 500 Annual subscription
  • The network member can receive double the invoices
  • Storage Price Monthly: $72.00 USD
  • 1000 Invoices
  • 10GB space


Manual Sending and Receiving
$ 1,500 Annual subscription
  • The subscriber can issue manual invoices and receive invoices.
  • Storage Price Monthly: $612.00 USD
  • 100,000 Invoices
  • 1TB space


Connect ERP for automatic
dispatch with API
$ 6,000 Annual subscription
  • The subscriber can send invoices manually and automatically with the API from his ERP, he can also receive invoices on the platform.
  • Storage Price Monthly: $1,848.00 USD
  • 300,000 Invoices
  • 3TB space


Connect ERP for automated shipping and receiving custom development
$ 12,000 Annual subscription
  • The subscriber can send invoices manually and automatically with the API from his ERP, he can also receive invoices on the platform.
  • Storage Price Monthly: $1,848.00 USD
  • 300,000 Invoices
  • 3TB space

Access Point

$ 300 Annual subscription
  • The service of connection to the Access Point for document exchange
  • Storage Price Monthly: $1,848.00 USD
  • 500 Invoices

  • 5GB space


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Using PDF files for sending invoices may seem convenient, it is important to understand the limitations and risks associated. For truly secure, efficient and compliant invoice exchange, it is essential to consider e-invoicing solutions that use appropriate standards and structured formats, such as Peppol, and that provide authenticity, integrity and security to your financial transactions. Investing in the right e-invoicing technologies can result in significant long-term savings and greater confidence in your company’s financial management.

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